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FileMaker and AppDrag

FileMaker is hands-down the fastest and most user friendly application development platform on the market, Released in 1985 and developed primarily for the Apple Macintosh, FileMaker grew to be a cross-platform environment for Windows, macOS and iOS.

Although a new kid on the bloc, AppDrag is a smart suit of powerfull web application development tools. Web pages can be build in no-time with the help of AppDrag's powerfull WYSIWYG page builder. Data can be easily integrated from any datasource that has API support. And a ready build libary simplyfies the integration of FileMaker data through it's Data API.

The combination of FileMaker and AppDrag allows you to build almost any application that you can thing of ... fast!

AppDrag Builder for FileMaker

Although both FileMaker and AppDrag are user friendly and easy to learn, the integration between both requires some more expertise in building API's as well as writing some code (JavaScript). In order to simplyfy this integration, we're currently building a tool which writes the necessary code for you. In order to share a FileMaker dataset (Table) with AppDrag, you then only need to create a FileMaker layout with the necessary fields and make it available through FileMaker's Data API. In AppBuilder you can then link to this table, set some data of the fields you would like to have in list and details view, and the code get's created for you.

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More about FileMaker and AppDrag


In the fast majority of cases, data is at the core of every FileMaker Solution. When you start with a new file, you start creating a database or you convert an Excel, text, csv or other data file a FieMaker database. Data is at it's core and FileMaker takes care of presenting this data in list and details view and creating, editing and deleting records. FileMaker help you built solid code and helps you to avoid making mistakes. It's also extremely forgiving. You can fore example decide to change a name of a field in and FileMaker will take care of modifying it throughout it's code. Long story short; most is taken care of and you can build a fully working application in no time.


The majority of AppDrag projects are static web sites with some dynamic content such as a blog. When you start a new project, you choose a template which you then modify and fill with content. Most of the web sites are public. You'll have to built a user login system if you want to share information via the web privately. AppDrag consist of different modules; Page Builder, Blog, Shop, Newsletter and Cloud Backend with SQL Databases and and API Builder. The real power of AppDrag lies in the smart combination of their modules. At it's core are html, css and javascript, which are the defacto web standards.


WebDirect allows you to publish what you've build in FileMaker (practically) without any modifications. It allows you to share information via a modern web browser. It is ideal for small web portals with a limited amount of (named) users.

Web App

Althought this takes some more effort, once a web app is build, it's fully scalable to an unlimited amount of users. Build on bootstrap, it's also fully responsive so that you can build application that works on a large number of  fixed and mobile devices.

Common Grounds


Both FileMaker and AppDrag can use JavaScript Code.


Both FileMaker AppDrag can exchange data through Restfull API's


Both FileMaker and AppDrag 'speak' SQL.


Both FileMaker and AppDrag strive for now-code and low-code.

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