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elestio open source software deployment

I ran into elestio early this year, and boy was I happy to have found this service. Although I’ve only used elestio for development purposes upto now, the first service that got created 10 months ago, is still up and running and the software (n8n workflow automation) has been kept up-to-date ever since. As a database developer, my main focus is producing user friendly apps and portals, and being able to get things up and running (and forget about them), is really comforting. Currently, I’m evaluating a new stack for building internal tools, based on open-source software. For this I’m looking at BudiBase, Supabase and Redash. When you’re looking for a new open source product, take a look a the available products on elestio’s website. If it’s there, it’s probably worth your while. And then you’re just a few clicks and a few minutes away from running your first service. Enjoy!

Dick Honing

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