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FileMaker Remote Services

I really like cutting larger projects into small, manageable bits as well a being able to re-use functionallity. This small app is the result of a few ‘thinking out of the box’ bits that finally came together. The challenge was to built a FileMaker ‘micro service’ that could serve FileMaker’s 19 JavaScript kinda server side. The advantage being that the JavaScript code only has to be build and tested on one OS but can be can be served to all platforms. It would also eliminate the risk of users accidentally interupting ‘Perform JavaScript in Web Viewer’ and client side scripts being interrupted by FileMaker.PerformScript. Although temporary, a nice side effect is that also older FileMaker clients can benifit from the additional JavaScript functionallity. The system is based on macOS’ Fast User Switching and the PSoC (Perform Script on Client) technique by Jan Stieperaere. Here you can download the RemoteService 

Dick Honing

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