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Create JSON via Execute SQL

I’m currently working on an app to quickly create and customize DataTables ( from FileMaker. For this I need the data in ‘simple/flat’ json structure. I’ve been playing around with the new ‘Execute FileMaker Data API’ function, but I can not seem to get the simple output that I’m looking for. The other day I ran into the idea to check whether I could easily create the required json via ExecuteSQL. Although nothing seems to be easy when you want to do something out of the box (especially with eSQL), the result is really nice. I created a script that creates the necessary sql code including the required formatting of numbers and dates. It is setup in such a way, that you can easily copy and paste it into your own database. And last but not least; this method also works server side :-). You can download your copy here 

Thanks to Beverly on the FileMaker Community for sharing the idea of using ExecuteSQL to generate json and to Brian Dunning for the contacts sample data (

Dick Honing

, Excel, FileMaker, JavaScript

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