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n8n Workflow and FileMaker

n8n is a workflow automation tool, that makes you built workflows by combining configurable nodes in a highly intuïtive drag and drop environment in no time. Initially I started using n8n for building a simple workflow, so that a process could be triggered on a customer’s FileMaker Server via it’s data API. This in turn triggered a server side process to fetch quotation data from Elfsquad’s online CPQ (Configure, Price and Quote) platform.

Thanks to the free on-boarding session with one of n8n’s engineers as well as an active forum, excellent documentation and plenty of blogs and sample workflows, it only took me a week before I was building a workflow to transform FileMaker JSON data to an Excel spreadsheet. Although most of the work is combining nodes and configuring them, having some knowledge of setting up API’s, JSON and Javascript (expressions) is highly recommended. And finally, you can host your workflows in n8n’s cloud, your own virtual machine, Docker or App.

Although fair-code licensed. This means it’s not fully open-source. However, you’d have to make so much money before you need to start paying license fees, that by that time, you probably have no problem sharing some of your earnings with n8n. Personally, I also have no problem paying for reasonable fees for their excellent cloud service to host my workflow’s. Long story short; if you need to build webhooks for FileMaker or if you’re interested in building your own micro services, then don’t look any further.

Dick Honing

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