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FileMaker Data API to Excel

After building my first basic webhooks for FileMaker, I started to look at n8n’s other potential. When I looked through the list of the possible integrations I ran into the spreadsheet node.

I then combined the idea of pulling in JSON data from the FileMaker Server Data API (DAPI) via a Webhook node with the possibillity to convert the data to Excel and give it back via the Webhook. It was a little more complicated than I thought at first, since the JSON provided by the DAPI is more than just the raw data I was looking for. Fortunately, there’s the Item Lists node that can seperate the JSON Array into seperate items. Subsequently, we can filter out the data that we want to give back via the Set node, which then passes the required data to the Spreadsheet node.

The calling URL strings looks something like:

http://domain name or web address/webhook/82be0ea4-1c84-4c01-8059-7a03d2260?productname=test&filename=export.

The text after the ? question contains the variables we need. In this case, the first one in the field we want to search (productname) and the data we want to search (test). The filename is optional and used to specify a custom name for the export Excel file, in this case export.xlsx. The end result is that we have transformed our simple webhook into a valuable micro service. We can now give our customers’s customers Excel sheet from data stored in their FileMaker solution. We can even use this additional functionallity via server side script with cURL. Please take a look at what n8n might be able to do for you and share what you’ve build.

Dick Honing

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